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Completion of this online form constitutes a contract between Pelle Activewear Inc., residing at 4185 Redwood Dr., Clinton, WA 98236, and the company I represent and have entered information about.
On receiving a new consignment order, we will display the new garments for sale within 5 days of receipt.
We will ship return consignment garments left from the previous round of consignment within 5 days of receiving new consignment garments. I understand that we will be provided a return UPS label for this purpose, but that we are also free to choose other shipping methods that have tracking, and must email a tracking number if we use another service.
Consignment garments that we want credit for returning must be returned with the next available return, and we cannot keep garments for more than one round and expect credit for them. In other words, no hold-over returns. Pelle will make exceptions if in in the normal course of business, a few garments per year are returned one consignment round late because, for example, a customer returned the garment after the return shipment was made.
The following consignment garments returned to Pelle will not be credited to (thus reducing) any invoice: 1) garments not returned in a timely manner. Pelle will send email warning 10 days before dissallowing said garments from credit. 2) more than a few garments per year not originally sent as part of the corresponding consignment order (hold-overs), and 3) garments not returned in new, saleable condition, regardless of fault, and determined solely by Pelle.
We have 20 days from the receipt of new garments to make payment for what we did not send back from the previous consignment order. Additional fees may be added to the invoice, and collection actions may occur, if we pay later than that.
Pelle’s counts of all consignment garments, whether shipped by Pelle to us, or received by Pelle from us, will be considered authoritative, and will be used for invoicing purposes. Pelle performs both hand counts and computer scan counts of all garment sent and received, and is very careful to correctly count each order.
Before our first shipment, Pelle will call us for and securely record payment information from 2 credit/debit cards, which will be kept on file, to secure against theft, damage, or loss of the garments or other items sent on consignment, as well as against any overdue invoices. I further understand that these cards will be charged a $2.50 application fee to ensure they are valid and working, which will be fully credited back in the first invoice issued by Pelle to us.
By entering my name above and clicking or tapping the 'I agree to all terms and conditions above' button, I agree I am signing this contract.